Cyber Cafe Ads

2nd Computer For Sale (CPU Only)
10 Units CPU:
DualCore Processor
MSI G41 (775) & H61 (1155)Chipset
GT220 1GB VGA Card

RM6,500.00 (Nego)

Cyber Cafe Service

We are a specialize company that provide for cybercafe setup services around peninsular Malaysia and We have been in this industry for over 7 years and counting. We guaranteed that our service is easy for you to setup an Internet Cafe business.

Our services is including s :-


- Diskless system (No Hard Disk)
- Games Server (2TB more then 500 most famous games)
- Media Server
- Games Menu
- Billing software (E2links Centralized Billing, KeyBilling, CafeSuite, e-cafe pro etc).
- Battle LAN (for DOTA)
- Auto Update for Online Games
- Router setting
- Load Balance setting
- Dual WAN setting
- VPN Server
- monthly service for cybercafe inc maintenance.
- Eletrical wiring, Network, CCTV & Alarm system.

Game Server

 Our Games Server for Windows that shares server's disk, partition, VMDK file, cluster, ESX or ISO file with iSCSI initiators/clients. Our Games Server provides another choice for enterprise storage virtualization. Client can access remote Games Server storage as local disk, which supports all disk operations such as partitioning, formatting, read, and write. Our Games Server uses copy-on-write mechanism to handle client write requests which means client can write, delete, format and repartition Games Server disk without changing any bytes in server's storage resource.

Our Games Server provides network administrator a convenient way of software maintain and update. It is no longer necessary to install software on each client repeatedly. And it is time to stop worrying about the safety of shared data on server because everything will recover after client disconnect.

Game Menu

2TB Games Base. More than 500 most famous Games..!!